DIY: Destroyed Denim


I've noticed the destroyed and distressed denim being worn lately and wanted some for myself. This style of denim tend to run a little steep for a nice pair so I decided to create my own with some jeans already in my closet. The supplies I used were:
  1. Sandpaper (Dollar Tree)
  2. Tweezer
  3. Seam Ripper
  4. Scissors
  5. Xacto knife (Walmart - $3)

I used the tools in different areas until I was satisfied with the outcome. The sandpaper and xacto knife were used to get the faded look. The scissors, tweezers, and seam ripper were used to get the shredded look on the splits that I made. I sewed the diagonal split on the thigh and added gold studs.

I also wanted to give the shirt tied around the waist trend that celebrities have been doing a try.
Here's how I styled them together last night.

Have your peeps call my peeps

Do you own a pair of destroyed denim? How do you feel about the shirt tied around the waist trend?

Outfit Details:
Jeans - Gap Similar
Tee - JC Penney Similar
Button Down - H&M Similar
Blazer - H&M Similar
Boots - Macy's Similar
Chain - DIY Similar
Belt - Old Navy Similar


  1. Cute!!!! :) The jury was out on the plaid around the waist trend for me. After looking at the pics though, your outfit definitely came together quite nicely!

    1. Yay, yay, YAY!!! You know your approval is always appreciated.

  2. I love the way you did with your jeans! It's very cool!
    Thank you so much for answered me!


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