DIY: Cap Toe Shoe

I've noticed many women wearing cap toe shoes, whether it's pumps, boots, or flats. There's white caps, gold and silver metallic, a lighter shade on a darker shade of the same color family. It's on leather, suede, and patent leather materials. I think this trend is cool so I thought that I would try to find me a pair. While browsing my favorite online shoe stores and window shopping in the malls, I realized that most of the pretty versions just cost too damn much. But I should be able to make my own, right?

Of course I can!! I can make anything if I have all of the right tools. I watched about 8 or 10 different videos on DIY cap toe shoes. Most of the DIYers used spray paint. Some used nail polish while others used acrylic paint. The spray paint was too expensive. I felt like the nail polish wouldn't look too good, even though it looked decent when used on the videos. So the acrylic paint was my choice. I have a pair of black pointy toe pumps that I felt would look good with some gold cap toes.

The supplies needed to complete this project are, pen/pencil, acrylic paint (metallic, if you want the metal look), paintbrush, painter's tape, newspaper or paper towels and measuring tape. You can also have a small bowl of water on hand to help clean the paint off of the paintbrush. All of these items are available at Walmart. I bought the painter's tape from Dollar Tree.

Step 1. Take the measuring tape and mark with the pen/pencil where you want the cap toe to end. I measured about 2 inches.
Step 2. Take the painter's tape and tape across the shoe where the cap toe line will be. Place the tape on all of the areas that you don't want painted.
Step 3. Apply the paint onto the paintbrush liberally and paint the cap toe area. Continue to add the paint onto the shoe until you don't see the original shoe color. Let the paint dry about 5 minutes in between coats. 2 - 3 coats should be good depending on your preference.
Step 4. Let dry for about an hour or longer if you applied 3 coats. I let mine dry overnight.

Step 5. Gently remove the painter's tape from the shoe. If you have any stray paint you can use a q-tip and nail polish remover and carefully remove. If you need to add more paint use a thinner, smaller paintbrush to finalize your cap toe line.

Step 6. Voila! You're done. You can apply acrylic finishing spray or gloss acrylic sealer to hold the paint and add a glossy finish to the shoes. I used Mod Podge Acrylic Gloss Sealer. I purchased it from Walmart.

Here's what I wore with the shoes:

What do you think of the cap toe trend? What colors would you use for your own pair?

Outfit Details:
White Shirt (old) - New York & Company, Colored Jeans - Target, Sweater - Target, Pumps (old) -  Target

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