MOC: Bow Ties

Bow ties are awesome and look great with almost anything from casual to dressed up. I'm talking about the bow ties that you have to tie yourself. Not a clip on. I think those are for little boys or girls. We're grown here, right? I found a cool cheetah print bow tie that I purchased on Ebay for like $2. You can check out how I styled it on the about me page. Even though it may be a cool accessory to have, it's NOT easy to put together. But I make do as best as I can.

Mel attended an event last weekend that was considered red carpet style. What do you wear to a red carpet event? Are you supposed to get all GQ like a celebrity? I mean, really! After all of that mental stressing, (from me, not Mel. She wasn't tripping), we decided that she could get fly without doing too much. I mean it's not like she was going to a wedding or a ball. I didn't have time for that anyway. I was reminded that style is what and how YOU make it so I needed to stop tripping.

We found her a cool printed bow tie and styled her fit for the event like this:

Do you have any bow ties? How do you style yours? Let me know!


Outfit Details:
Blazer - Macy's, Shirt - Express, Jeans - Hudson, Shoes - Stacy Adams, Belt - Perry Ellis, Bow Tie  and Hanky - K&G Stores, Watch - Kenneth Cole

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