DIY: Studded Sweatshirt

Happy Friday! I have another DIY that I decided to give a try. Everywhere you go you can't help but notice studs on shirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and everything else you can think of. I really like the crew neck studded sweatshirts and I knew it would be cheaper if I made one myself.

This DIY is pretty easy. Anyone can do it. You will need a sweatshirt in your choice of color, studs (dome, cone, bullet, or pyramid), and pliers or tweezers. You can get a crew neck sweatshirt from Walmart for about $6. I bought my sweatshirt from Ross Stores for about the same price. The pliers came with the jewelry making kit. The tweezers I bought for $1.50. I used the tweezers for this project. It was easier for me to close the backs of the studs with it.

I used silver dome studs. I ordered mine from Ebay. It was $1.29 for a bag of 50 studs. Here is a closer look at the studs. It has 4 prongs on the back.

Step 1: Decide on a pattern for you shirt. Place the studs on the shirt without closing the prongs where you like to make sure that's where you want it to be. This will also enable you to see how many studs you can use on each side evenly. 
 Step 2: Begin inserting the studs in your arranged pattern. I used a ruler to help make sure that it was evenly spaced throughout the pattern. Use the tweezers or pliers to bend the prongs down. Make sure it feels smooth after bending to make sure it doesn't scratch your skin. 
Step 3: Continue inserting studs until desired pattern is complete. And that's it, you're done. Easy, right?

It took me a few days just because I'm lazy and anything over an hour is just too damn long. But here's the finished look.

Here's how I styled it.

Simple and cute.
What do you think about this trend? What type of studs and pattern will you use to create your own?
Let me know!

Outfit Details:
Shirt - Thrifted, Sweatshirt - DIY, Jeans - Gap, Sneakers - Converse, Jewelry - DIY

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