Mid-week OOTD - Blue

I usually don't attempt to dress cute during the week for work. Sometimes, maybe once a week, I'll try to make an effort to put something nice together. I know I should look good every day of the week, rain or shine, but I'm kind of lazy. Plus there's no one there to see how cute I am, except for my boss, who's a septuagenarian.

She's old school which means I have to cover up my tattoos and I can't wear shorts, leggings, mini skirts or sweats. That limits what I can wear, at least on the warm days. I mean I wouldn't want to wear most of those to work anyway, but I'm using that as my excuse.
 I decided that from this point forward, on Wednesdays,( I know, this one is late), I will post a work-related outfit of the day. I'll try to get fly as much as I can. No big deal. Here's what I wore this week:

 My fingers are REALLY long.

I'm sleepy. Good Night!!

Outfit Details
Shirt - Talbots;Thrifted, Sweater - Mossimo;Target, Cuffed Pants - JC Penny, Boots - Nine West, Rings - DIY, Cross Necklace - Forever 21, Watch - Anchor Blue

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