Melswear: Blue Suede Shoes


I think everyone knows or have at least heard this song by Elvis Presley. 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready, now go cat go. Mel thought it would make a cool post title being that she was wearing blue suede shoes. These shoes are another pair of the oxfords by Skechers that Mel bought. This pair has a reddish pink sole instead of the bright yellow and it still cool. I hope your Thursday is going well and remember not to step on any blue suede shoes :-)

Outfit Details:
H&M Button up - Thrifted | Denim - AG Jeans | Blazer - Macy's | Oxfords - Skechers


  1. What a fantastic look! The blazer is just outstanding and the perfect piece to finish the look! Great shoes too


  2. Love this blazer! It's actually the second time today I've seen a gray-ish toned one that I love! The whole look is great.



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