DIY: Leopard Print Tank


I know my DIYs are usually on Mondays but this week's Style Me Friday inspiration was something leopard and well, I have nothing leopard, not even a leopard belt, nope. So I had to make something. Fortunately, I had some sheer leopard fabric on hand that I bought a few weeks ago when I attended a sewing conference. I did not have a pattern for a tank so I cut apart a tank that I no longer wore and used the pieces as my pattern. I will also make one in black satin. Since I've done two DIYs this week, there may not be one on Monday. We'll see. :-)

old tank
chalk/marking pen (optional)
sewing machine :-)

Cut apart the old tank at the seams. This will be your pattern.
Make sure the fabric is pre-treated and ironed.
Fold the fabric length wise and pin down the pattern pieces. Make sure to account for seam allowances.
Mark around the pieces with the chalk and then cut or you can just cut the pieces out.
Fold the fabric down about 1/2 - 5/8 inch around the neck and arm hole areas. Iron flat. Sew the hems.
Sew a seam across the shoulder straps. make sure right sides of fabric are facing each other.
Sew a seam down each side of the shirt.
Hem the bottom of the shirt about 1/2 - 5/8 inch.

So I had a major fail with this project. In trying to make sure I had enough seam allowance, I ended up cutting the neck and arm holes too big. I had to re-cut and add darts to the front of the shirt. (I didn't realize I put them directly over my boob area but you can't tell that much.) Even though I knew this wouldn't turn out how I wanted it to, I still finished it. I always finish my projects good or bad. Hopefully the black tank will turn out a little more professional looking. It's hard to tell but I know...

Do you own anything leopard? 


  1. You've done it again. This is great and yeah I have a few leopard print pieces. I think they are one of the prints that will never really go out of fashion.


  2. Well from the pictures, it looks pretty darn good. I really like the leopard print you picked.

  3. Wow you have some skills. This came out great!

    Ali of

  4. Yep, I love the tank and you wore it perfect with some denim. I need some sewing lesson.

  5. Wow, love this tank and your sewing skills are amazing!

  6. Thanks Ivy. Yeah and very neutral too. :-)

  7. Thanks. That was the only reason I bought the fabric because I'm cheap. :-)

  8. Beginner skills but skills all the same. :-) Thanks.

  9. Thank you. I wanted to keep it simple so it can stand out more. :-)

  10. Thank you! One day I'll be amazing just not at this moment. :-)

  11. That is so cute! I love that it is sheer.

  12. Thanks. I did consider wearing a cami under at first.

  13. Holy crap your talented! That singlet looks great x

  14. Can you please come teach me all your sewing knowledge?! I'm totally clueless and this tank is AMAZING!
    Nikki at

  15. I can teach you what I've learned so far. Mostly from googling for info. :-)

  16. so remember when you gave me the tip on where to find a reasonably priced sewing machine? one! now i just need to play around with it...and start with something simple, like pillow cases. ha!

  17. Yay! Pillowcases should be a breeze. :-)


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