DIY: Peplum Top


It's Friday!! Time for some weekend fun. I'm going to a BBQ this evening with Mel and I'm also going to try to attend an event called Fashion Friday on the Plaza. It's a free happy hour shopping event with mobile fashion trucks and wine plus it includes a fashion show. It starts at 5 and ends at 9 and I hope I am able to make it before it ends. I may just go right after work and then head to the BBQ after. Either way I really want to go because this sounds a cool event. Who doesn't like shopping and wine at the same time?
Now on to my outfit. This week's inspiration for Style Me Friday is peplum. Unfortunately, I don't own anything peplum. I kept trying to remind myself that I need to buy something peplum whether it's a skirt, top, or jacket but that obviously didn't work since I have yet to buy one. I really enjoy participating in Eboni's challenges so I try my hardest to make sure that it happens. Since I don't have anything peplum I decided to make one of my own. Believe me, I'm not naturally creative, I just wing it and hope for the best. I used a striped tee that Mel no longer wanted. The key to this project is to use a shirt or dress that is bigger than your normal size so you will have a piece wide enough for the peplum part of the top. 
1. Mark  or pin on the shirt where you want the  peplum to go and add an inch. Cut across the shirt where marked. Saved the piece you cut off.
2. Take a shirt that's more fitted and use as a guide to mark where you would take in.
3. Sew along the marked lines using a tight straight stitch. Cut off the excess fabric and sew the edges using a serger or a zigzag stitch.
4. Take the piece you cut and sew around it, about 1 inch away from the raw edge using a loose straight stitch. This is usually about a 4 on the stitch length dial. When finished leave the thread about 3 inches long before cutting. Gently pull the thread and the shirt will begin to gather creating a ruffled look. This will be your peplum.
5. Take the peplum and loosen some of the gathering  by spreading it out. This is to make sure that it's the same width of the top and that it will fit your waist.
6. Place the gathered edge of the peplum over the raw edge of the shirt right sides facing each other. Sew these two pieces together using a tight straight stitch about 1/4 inch away from the gathered edge. You can sew it twice to make sure the pieces will stay put.
7. Try the shirt on and make any necessary adjustments. I had to take in the sides about an additional  2 inches because I wanted it to fit a bit tighter. I also shortened the sleeves.
8. That's it. You're done! Now style your new top and take some photos. :-)

How did I do? Do you own anything peplum?

Outfit Details:
Top - DIY Similar
Jeans - Gap Similar
Sneakers - Converse
Beanie - Target


  1. Oh my gosh, impressive! I wish I could use a sewing machine, I would totally try this.

  2. whaaaat! Girl, that top came out perfect. I wish I had the patience. I've had so many DIY projects on my list for ages Lol!

  3. Thanks! I just bought a machine and taught myself.

  4. :-) Thanks Eboni! I don't have have patience and I'm lazy as hell but I do want to see the outcome of making my own things. It feels awesome.


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