Cream of the Crop



The weekend's here!! Time to chill and relax. Last Sunday I wore a crop top with a midi skirt and posted it on Wednesday for my boho look. Guess what this week's Style Me Friday inspiration is? Crop tops, of course! I don't have many other than a few t-shirts that I cropped myself, so I cut a striped racerback top that I haven't worn in a while and BOOM! I have a brand new shirt and Oh! it's cropped too. ;-) I used a Serger for the edges to give it a somewhat neater look and to stop it from fraying because the fabric is sheer. I'm so ready to chill this weekend and I chose my outfit accordingly. I paired my new top with black ankle pants and polka dot sneakers. Simple, fun, and comfy.  You can wear the shorter crop tops with high waist skirts or pants/jeans/shorts and the longer crop tops, like I have, with mid or low rise bottoms (high too). This is to keep the belly button covered and not appear like a teeny bopper for those who don't want to show too much skin.

How would you style your crop top?

Outfit Details:
 DIY Top - Buffalo Exchange Cute
Pants - H&M Similar
Sneakers - Keds
Sunnies - Target Similar
Necklace - Forever 21 Similar


  1. those shoes, ma'am! where can i get them besides knocking you down and stealing them off your feet? : )

  2. Oh I do love those polka dot flats.



  3. Please don't knock me down girl! You can get them online at Keds or Nordstrom. :-)

  4. Love that you made it into a crop top, it looks so cute on you! Love how colorful it is, perfect for summer!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Thanks! I try to make it work when I can. :-)

  6. Loving the top. You shoes are too cute! xoLili

  7. Love the colors on that top!

  8. So cute! I LOVE crop tops but can't wear them. Boo. Love your polka dot shoes too.


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  9. You can wear them. The key is to wear top and bottom pieces where only a sliver of skin shows. :-)

  10. I like how you made your own crop top, seems so simple and yet I never thought of doing that with my overabundance of shirts. I like wearing crop tops with high waisted jeans and pants myself. :)


  11. Crop tops are so fun and easy to make! If you can serge or sew a straight line, they can really give new life to old tops. :) I love your striped version and I think the mix of polka dots on your shoes and the stripes on your top is really fun! <3


  12. I love how all of your outfits have something totally unexpected, like those shoes. This top is so cute! Way to rock the crop!

  13. Hey, new follower from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Cute outfit! Looking forward to checking out your blog some more. :)


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    Thanks so much!


  15. Thank you Toni! I'm still working on sewing straight lines but I'm getting there. :-)

  16. Thanks Alison! I like that too. :-)

  17. Hey Kristin. Thanks for stopping by! I will be checking out your blog. :-)

  18. This is a unique way to wear your polka dots. I like the pattern mixing. You definitely are summer ready!



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