Tattoo Cover Up

Last Sunday, I decided to finally use the Groupon that I purchased in late October. It was one of my Christmas gifts. The groupon was for a huge discount of two hours of work done at Plug Tattoo located at the Fruitvale Bart Station. The artist I chose was D. He's really good and very professional. If you like tattoos, check him out.

The tattoo that I decided to cover up was of a teddy bear holding a heart. It had my son's name and birthday inside of the heart. It wasn't horrible and it wasn't bad but it definitely wasn't good. Here's how it looked.
this picture doesn't help at all. okay it's bad!
I decided to stick with the lily design that I currently have. I told my son that I got "his tattoo" covered. He said, with big eyes, "Why?!" I told him because it was a bad tat. He then responded with, "But I'm your son!" I laughed and said "Exactly! We both know this, so there's no need to have your name on me". He replied "But I'm going to get MOM tatted on me" Isn't he cute? We shall see..
He smiled when I showed him the new tattoo and noticed that his name was bigger than before. :-) Kids. Here's how it turned out.

excuse the blood...

Eventually after getting a few more tats on my right arm, I should have a full sleeve. I can't wait!

How many tattoos do you have? What will your next one be?


  1. I wish I could fond a Groupon for tattoos, lol. The tattoo is very nice. I have 6 and would lovevto get a sleeve as well. Nice blog.

  2. Sorry for the typos #iPad


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