DIY: V-Day Hearts

I decided to do a couple of DIYs in spirit of Valentine's Day. The first project involves elbow patches. I love elbow patches. It mainly comes on jackets and sweaters but you can put it on anything. Most are in the shape of a oval. I made mine using heart shapes. It's fairly easy to make. Supplies needed are felt or fabric, needle and thread, scissors, pins and a heart template. Here are the steps to complete this project.
  1. Pin the heart on the felt or fabric.
  2. Cut out the heart. I used felt and folded it in half so that I could cut both hearts out at once.
  3. Remove the pins and paper.
  4. Put on the sweater/jacket/shirt that you will be using. Put a pin on the area wear your elbow bends. You can mark this area with a pen or pencil. This is where your heart will go. The middle of the heart should be on top of your mark.
  5. Pin the hearts in place.
  6. Take the needle and thread and begin hand stitching the hearts. You can use thread of the same color as felt/fabric or you can use a contrasting color.
  7. And that's it you're done.
Here's how mine turned out.
For the second project, I decided to add heart shaped embellishments to a sweatshirt. I used sequins to add a little flair and to hide the frayed edges of the fabric. The supplies that you will need are:
  1. Sweatshirt
  2. Fabric scraps
  3. Heart template
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins
  6. Needle and thread or glue (optional)
  7. Iron on sequins ($3 at Joann's)
Here are the steps to complete this project.
  1. Print out a heart template and cut the shape out.
  2. Pin the heart onto the fabric scrap that you will be using. Cut the heart out.
  3. Place the heart in the desired area on the sweatshirt. Pin down to hold in place.
  4. Hand stitch around the heart using the needle and thread. Choose the nearest dark color thread you have if using printed fabric.
  5. Take the sequins and place around the edges of the heart. Follow the directions on the package and iron on.
  6. Cut off the collar of the sweatshirt. Cut about 1 inch from the collar seam. If needed, continue to cut until you reach your desired fit.

Do you have any projects that you have done in spirit of Valentine's Day?

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