MOC ups

Masculine of center, MOC, is a gender identity for women who favors the masculine side of the gender spectrum such as stud, tomboi, butch, trans, dom and many others.

There are lots of women who are masculine of center but there aren't many fashion resources or blogs that cater to them specifically. Most women who wear men's clothing may encounter some difficulties when trying to find clothing that fit their body types. We have hips and boobs that have to be taken into account that get that right look, to look and stay fly. 

For this post my model, my wife Mel (thanks), has allowed me to showcase and style some of her outfits AND take pictures of them for the world to see.

Did you like any of these outfits? What would you add or take away to make it your own? Let me know!

Mo 2 da...

Outfit Details
Outfit 1: Striped Shirt - Gap, Jean Jacket - Levi's, Cargo Pants - Levi's, Sneakers - Nike, Beanie - Target

Outfit 2: Flannel Shirt - Mossimo from Target, Raglan Shirt - DC, Blue Jeans - Levi's, Sneakers - Vans, Necklace - DIY, Fitted Cap - SF Giants from Lids

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