It's all about the lighting

While reading and browsing my favorite blogs as well as others, I've noticed something that the authors do in almost all of the blogs that I have yet to do. They all take their pictures outside. Rarely will you see any pictures inside of someone's house ( unless it's dope and there's a winding staircase that you just have to pose on).

I always questioned myself (in my head, not out loud),  and ask "Why is everyone outside?". Isn't it freezing in New York right now? I am not about to be outside taking pictures in the freezing cold FYI. Then I thought maybe they're always on the move. Soon followed by, maybe I need to get out more. Hmm. But as I continued to read these blogs, I've come to realize that it's all about the lighting (duh). Outdoor pics helps make the picture brighter naturally without adding any picture effects. When compared to my recent pics there is a big difference. So now I have to take my pics outdoors. My wife is going to have to be my photographer and since I'm not really good with posing it should be a piece of cake. I do that same hip out, hands in front pose (most of my poses look funny). SMH. Outdoor pics also give pretty backgrounds, depending on where you take it. For instance, a pic of a beach, park or even the sunset or sunrise in the background will help enhance your pic naturally. (I am NOT getting up that early, it's not that serious!) 

My test shoot was fun, but I should have posed elsewhere. This background looks shoddy. Obviously I'm still learning but I look forward to all of my future shoots with my newfound photographer. Hopefully the crazy CA weather will warm up and stay consistent without the rain.  
What do you think of taking outdoor pics? Where are some good places with great backgrounds to a have a mini photoshoot?         


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Blazer - H&M, Shirt - Bobeau @Nordstrom Rack, Jeans - True Religion @Nordstrom Rack, Shoes - Crochet in Black by Toms


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