DIY: Bleached Denim Jacket

DIY bleached denim jacket pose 1 {who is that girl mo?}

This week's DIY project is a bleached denim jacket. The weather has been so nice lately that it feels like Spring so I decided to spruce up a denim jacket that I thrifted a few weeks ago. I love the fit but I wasn't too keen on the wash. It reminded me of old school mom jeans. :-) My initial idea was to bleach about half of the sleeves but then I decided that I wanted my jacket to have more of a grungy look. I created some holes to the sleeves to complete the look.

denim jacket
  • Soak the areas of the sleeves that you want bleached with cold water. Wring out.
  • Put on clothes and pour the bleach in the bowl. 
  • Place the arm sleeves in the bleach and leave for about a couple of hours.
  • Remove the sleeves and rinse under cold water.
  • Wash and dry alone.
  • *Optional* Take a foam brush, dip in bleach and apply to desired areas of jacket.

DIY bleached denim jacket tutorial pics {who is that girl mo?}

DIY bleached denim jacket front and back {who is that girl mo?}

DIY bleached denim jacket pose 2 {who is that girl mo?}

Sam Edelman Becker slip ons {who is that girl mo?}

DIY bleached denim jacket pose 3 {who is that girl mo?}

Does bleached denim or grungy looks work for you?

Outfit Details:
jeans Sway | shirt Bobeau | sneakers Sam Edelman

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  1. Haha, old school mom jeans! The little facelift makes the jacket feel more modern!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. What a great idea! you’re so pretty :)

  3. Love those Edelman sneakers! The jacket came out great + I love your undercut

  4. Ha! I'm glad I worked it out. :-)

  5. That turned out pretty cool! Definitely better than "Mom jeans" wash!!

  6. I'm so scared of working with bleach, but clearly, you know what you're doing. Love the pants too. I want a pair in this color.

  7. i do have a couple of denim jackets i rarely wear because of the color...i might have to try this!

  8. Fabulous! What a great DYI love!

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  9. This jacket looks great! I really like it with the rust colored outfit.

  10. You did an awesome job with this!! I wouldn't have the guts, and you are way more talented than me! I love it! And dangit those shoes are calling my name! Thanks for sharing this with manic monday! Great to see you there!

  11. Thanks and the rust is my only pair of colored denim.

  12. It takes practice and patience. I didn't start out this good. Thanks!

  13. This one I know how to do.. I used to do it when I was in high school back in the 80s. Man, those days bleached denim anything was huge. I used to mix water and bleach in a bucket and submerge my jeans in and leave it there. The next morning I'll take it out and it had a random pattern of bleach and was great BUT my mom was not a fan.. she was nagging for days! I LOVE your shoes! I checking them out now!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my post. You have amazing style. I'm also stopping by to say that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award (new blogger award)...see more info...

  15. Great job Mo! I'm really loving the bleached out sleeves. Very nice!

  16. Whoa, I'm so impressed that you did that yourself! I can't even imagine the level of disaster if I attempted something like that. Love your color scheme today, and thanks for linking up with Manic Monday! -Gina

    On the Daily Express

  17. Yes...i love the results of the jacket. I love your hair even more.

  18. I picked up a denim jacket Sunday from GW - may try this.

  19. As usual I love your DIY posts!!!!

  20. Thank you and I got lucky. This was my first time. :-)

  21. Really love this look, Mo! As I always say, you're a DIY master - I love it! The sneakers are HOT!

  22. Thanks and it's currently my fav pair. :-)


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