DIY: Varsity Blues


It's that time of the month again!! Mckenzie and I have teamed up to bring you guys another monthly DIY collaboration and this month's project is based on varsity sweaters. This one was super easy and fun. I styled my cardigan with a button up and oxfords to give it a somewhat preppy look.
felt in 1 - 2 colors of your choice
ribbon in your choice of width
chalk or marking pen
fabric glue
printout of letter
  • With the cardigan on, measure around the upper area of your arm near the underarm area. mark where you want to place the ribbon with chalk.
  • Cut 2 or 3 strips of ribbon using this measurement and add about 1/2 inch.
  • Apply the fabric glue to the ribbon and glue onto the marked areas on the sleeve. Place something in between the sleeves such as a piece of cardboard of magazine. This is so the front and back sides of the sleeves won't stick together. Let dry.
  • Print out a letter of your choice using a large font. I used a font size of 400. Cut out the letter.
  • Place the letter onto the felt and trace around the edge with the chalk or marking pen. Cut out the felt letter.
  • Take the felt letter and place it on top of a new piece of felt. Trace around the edges about 1/2 inch. This will be the border. You can also print out the same letter in a bigger size and trace that as the border. Cut out.
  • Glue the letter onto the border with the fabric glue. Let dry.
  • Glue the letter and border onto the desired area of the cardigan. Let dry.
  • With the cardigan on, mark above and below your elbow with the chalk.
  • Using a round object such as a measuring cup, trace half circles at the top and bottom of the felt for your patches.
  • Connect the lines on the sides creating ovals. Cut out.
  • Apply glue to the elbow patch and press onto marked areas on the sleeves. Make sure something is placed in between.

Do you have any varsity sweaters or jackets in your closet? Will you be making one?
Don't forget to check out Mckenzie's DIY!

Outfit Details:
cardigan Target & DIY | button up Target | jeans Gap | oxfords Cole Haan


  1. I like the patch at the elbows. I would love to be be able to sit down and do stuff like this but I have no creative bone in my body and quite frnakly my sewing is not the best.


  2. I said the same thing before I started but my want of doing it won and practice made me better. :-)

  3. Oh wow I don't need a sewing machine to do this! Awesome! Will tag you on IG when I finish mine.

  4. Love the Elbows! I've been looking for some items with some patches. Great Job! :)

  5. The elbow patches and the "M" are both such cute little details! This came out adorable!

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. Thanks! you can also get iron on patches and cut out the ovals. :-)

  7. Oh wow great job!! Super cute sweater.

  8. Saw your blog on Lucky! You look super cute! Followed your blog. Check mine out if you get the chance?

  9. i actually think i may have an old letter from high school that i could use to do this. too funny...i will have to dig it out!

  10. That's great! I have my HS letter too but it's big so it would work better on a jacket. :-)

  11. Oh this is great because I still have my high school number or letter that I can finally put to use! If not, Ill buy my letter and do it :)


  12. this is so creative!! I am going to favorite this and try it!
    xoxo, Ty

  13. Thanks Ty. I would like to see once you're done. :-)

  14. I really like your varsity sweater!!!! Thanks for sharing, pinning:)

  15. Ah who doesn't love a great monogram. Great DIY.

    Allie of

  16. Really creative and cute!


  17. Love how it came out, great job with the monogram!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Look how cute you are! I absolutely love your DIY - it looks amazing!

  19. Hey Mo,
    Long time no see!! I love the DIY varsity you rocked that well.
    Love the details!!

  20. Hey Shea! Welcome back and thank you. :-)

  21. I always love a great DIY of a very trendy item. Varsity sweaters are all over the place these days, but I don't want to buy one because I know it's just a trendy piece that won't be here next season. But it's so cool to just DIY the look without spending all the cash. Love it!

  22. That's my main reason for my DIYs. To have trendy pieces without the trendy prices. :-)

  23. I can't believe this is a DIY! I love it. It's so well done.

  24. Well done! It looks really trendy!

  25. Soooo crafty- love this look! :)


  26. Such a great idea! You look awesome and this is such an easy and stylish DIY!


  27. I love your cardigan. So trendy and it came out looking amazing.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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