DIY: Leather Sleeves


faux leather fabric
sewing machine
chalk or marking pen

  • Cut off the original sleeves from the tee.
  • Cut open the sleeve.
  • Use the sleeve as a pattern and place on top of leather. 
  • Using the chalk, trace around the sleeve onto the leather fabric. Don't forget about seam allowance. 
  • Cut out along the marked line. Set the thread tension loose and the stitch length longer.
  • Sew the straight edges of sleeve together right sides facing each other. The wrong side shouldn't stick to the feeds.
  •  Turn the sleeve right side out and clip to the armhole of the tee. Make sure the tee is on the wrong side. You want right sides facing each other.
  • Sew the sleeve onto the armhole.
  • You can hem the sleeves or leave it with a raw edge. I felt like the sleeves were too long so I shortened them.

Do you have a top with leather sleeves? What pieces with leather accents do you have?

Outfit Details:
tee Target | jeans Gap | shoes American Eagle | watch Target | necklace Forever21

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  1. This is a great way to incoporate leather into your closet if you don't want to wear it head to toe. I absolutely love this look. I would buy that top within a hearts beat.


    p.s liking the new design.

  2. Ooh I absolutely love this! Such a great way to rock the leather trend!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Oh now is the leather sleeves! Even better! I love having leather sleeves on shirts and now jackets.


  4. Thanks Ivy! One day it'll be for sale. :-)

  5. :-) Thank you. On everything. More to come...

  6. You are killing it with the leather sleeves, Mo. Right now, this look is all over the place, so it's nice to see such a great DIY to get the look right at home.

  7. That is so cute! I love how it just made that top go from average to trendy. I wish I could sew :(

  8. Great - need to try something like that with a black pencil skirt!

  9. Lol. I said that too before I started. Thanks. :-)

  10. Very Cute Mo! Great Job on the shirt! Dopeness!

  11. Really interesting refashion! I'm visiting you from the Pinterest Power party that I'm co-hosting and I'd like to invite you as a contributor to our Pinterest Group Board "A Refashion Obsession" and the related G+ Community... Let me know if you'd like to be in!
    PS: now following you here and there <3
    MAmmaNene @

  12. that's great! I've sent you the invitation for both!
    Have a great day/night depending on where you live (I'm going to bed now LOL)

  13. My pleasure, sweetie!
    Happy refashioning ;)

  14. Great job! I've been seeing shirts with sleeves like this all over, it's nice that you have a special one all to yourself!

  15. Great look Mo! This is probably one of your simplest outfits but it's my absolute favourite! The fit of your shirt and jeans is perfect and the leather details are spot on.

  16. Thanks Danielle. Sometimes simple is the way to go. I actually dress simple most days. :-)

  17. That looks super stylish! I love your idea.

  18. I am loving the leather sleeves. Seriously you are becoming quite the DIY guru!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Every day, you make me wish I could sew!

  20. I'm trying. Practice makes perfect. :-) Thanks!

  21. I love the leather sleeves. It makes the top fit for a rock star.


I really appreciate your comments!