DIY: Cut Out Shoulder Shirt


I bought this shirt about a month ago on sale and assumed that the medium will fit me fine. I keep forgetting that I have broad shoulders so not all mediums will fit me like I want it to. Sometimes I end up with the shirt buttons fighting to stay in place and that is a no go for me. Some large shirts fit me fine but there are some that are too loose in the side and waist area which isn't always a good thing. I really liked that the shirt is sheer and it's in my favorite color so I couldn't justify giving it up. I decided to create a cut out shoulder look that way my boobs and my shoulders will have a little bit more breathing room. Sorry, I forgot to take a few pics of some steps.
round object
heat bond or needle & thread or sewing machine
  • Put the shirt on and mark where you want it to start and where you want it to end. You can use chalk or pins.
  • Fold the shirt completely in half making sure the shoulder seams are lined up. This is to make sure each will be evenly cut.
  • Take a round object like a small plate and place it between your markings. Trace around the plate and connect the points. 
  • Cut along the trace line. The cut out piece should be in a shape of a oval.
  • Fold the cut edge down about a 1/4 inch and either hand sew or machine stitch a seam. You can also use heat bond for a no sew project.

I styled it with a pair of faded black mid rise skinny jeans and black suede ankle boots and wore it Saturday night as Mel and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Time sure does fly when you're having fun! :-)
Today is our actual anniversary and I created and printed a pair of  tickets as one of Mel's gifts. We will be locked in our room tonight after work enjoying a couple of good movies with some pizza and popcorn. 

Outfit Details:
button up American Eagle | jeans American Eagle | boots Dolce Vita | necklace Forever21 | bag H&M


  1. Love how the shoulder cutouts came out! Happy anniversary!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I have the same problem with wide shoulders, and I'm going to start refashioning some of my clothes to fit better. I love the cut out detail, and will definitely add it to my list!

  3. Yeah isn't it frustrating? But the cool thing is that there are ways to fix problems like these. :-) Thanks!

  4. As usual, another really great post! I am so liking the outfit from head to toe. You are really such a chic girl!


    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  5. Brilliant idea on how to make that shirt work for you. The finally product turned out great!

    Happy Anniversary! The tickets were a very cute idea - have a great evening!

  6. Thanks Rachel. I really didn't want to give it up. :-)

  7. What a great job you did as usual and I love the way it shows off your tattoos!

    Ali of

  8. Again, SO cool! I love the color and cutting out the shoulders gives it a totally different vibe. The tattoos peeking out are awesome.

  9. Love how you kept it buttoned and worked it with the statement necklace!

  10. Thank you. I'm glad I had the statement necklace on hand. :-)

  11. oh wow i love this gal....nicely done!! You look great :-)

  12. Yes!!! I need that shirt in my life! Happy Anniversary...the tickets are such a cool idea!

  13. thank you! It was a really cool and inexpensive idea


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