DIY: Stars and Stripes


In celebration of Independence day, I painted stars and stripes on a pair of denim cut offs. This project was pretty simple. I bought some red acrylic paint for about 50 cents. I already had white, gold, and blue on hand from previous projects. 
Supplies needed:
Masking tape
Cardboard or something to place in between the legs of the jeans
Acrylic or fabric paint in colors of your choice
Bowl for paint
Foam brush or paint brush
Star shaped stencils (craft store or you can make your own with paper)
1. Place strips of masking tape on one leg of your shorts about 1-2 inches apart either vertically or horizontally. Make sure the width of the masking tape is the same as the space without the tape. 
2. Take the foam brush or paint brush and completely fill in the spaces in between the strips of tape. Let dry and remove tape. You can leave as is or paint in the empty spaces. I started with blue but it make me think of a UK flag so I painted over it with white. Let dry.
3. On the opposite leg place the stencil where you want to the stars to be and paint. Let dry and you're done! Easy Peasy. :-) I also painted the belt loops and the edge of the pockets on the front of the shorts.

Outfit Details:
Shorts - DIY
Shirt - NY&Co Similar
Oxfords - Nordstrom Rack Exact

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  1. Wow what a fun and patriotic DIY. the end results looks really great Mo. Well done



  2. Wow what a helpful D.I.Y!
    Would love to try it.


  3. Another fun DIY, love how it came out! You look great. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Thanks! Let me know how yours turn out. :-)

  5. Awesome, these look great. I like the extra detail of painting the belt loops and edge of the pockets!

  6. Yeah, at first I thought maybe it would be too much but it turned out nice. :-)

  7. I love your creativity and I must say you're very pretty. Your dreadlock is 'killin me softly'. I want my hair like that but who to do it is the problem..hehe!! Lovely details on the shorts! [thumbs up!]

  8. Aww, thanks! Killing you softly huh? I retwist my own locs. You just need someone to start it for you and you can do the rest on your own. :-)

  9. This is a brilliant DIY for summer and 4th of July. You also made it sound easy for the DIY challenged like myself. Hahaha


  10. Lol. It really is easy. You should try something DIY one day. You can do it Tiffy!


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