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Happy Monday ladies! This weekend I was asked to hem some jeans for a friend. I had to shorten the jeans by 6 inches or so on 6 different pairs. When you're in a certain height range, it's usually hard to find jeans in the right length. Yes there are brands they carry lengths in short, regular and long but that brand may not always fit every where else the way you like. So you end up always cuffing or rolling your jeans. 

Jeans can be taken to a tailor but many times it is altered by cutting off the desired amount and sewing a seam around the edge. This takes away from the original look of the jeans and it shows that it was altered. I'm going to show you how to shorten jeans while keeping the original hem and it will look exactly how you bought it. 

Supplies needed:
measuring tape
sewing gauge
sewing machine

Measure your inseam ( from the beginning of your inner thigh down to the end of your ankle).
Measure the inseam of the jeans needing alteration.
Subtract the difference. This is the amount that needs to be removed.
With the jeans right side out, cuff the leg half the measurement we just took. Ex: If 4 inches were to be removed you would cuff the jeans 2 inches.
Use the sewing gauge to make sure the cuff is an even measurement all around. Apply pins to hold in place.
Sew around the hem of the jeans as close as possible to the threaded edge. Sew around again to reinforce.
Cut off the excess fabric and iron flat.
Here are some before and after views of one of the pairs.

It's like having a new pair of jeans. Have you had your jeans shortened with the original hem in place? 

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  1. Wow, that looks easy (I'm still scared to try it!) Can you do the same thing on like Chino's or dress pants?

  2. I'll have to send this to my mom...she shortens all my jeans and I don't think she realized you could keep the hem!

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  3. Good idea. That way your jeans will still look the same as you bought them. :-)

  4. I haven't tried it on pants yet but I don't see why not. Pants have hems too. I would say it would work for straight leg pants versus flare or wide leg.

  5. what a great idea, and the jeans look terrific. I usually just roll mine : > thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

  6. Thanks. Yeah that's an easier way too. :-)

  7. Job well done Mo! :-)

  8. It totally is like having a new pair of jeans. You did such a great job!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I have a petite friend who always has this problem with jeans.Its good tha some brands stock different height pieces. Great jon well done Mo.


  10. Yeah that works if those brands look good on you. Like Gap carries Long but it doesn't fit my behind area or waist. Thanks!

  11. This seems very easy and I don't know why I always thought it was difficult. I need to learn how to create my own shirts and skirts, it will help a lot :)


  12. It's simple if you have the correct tools. You should try it Anngelik. :-)


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