Mixing it Up


The week seems to be going by pretty quickly. Maybe it's because of the beautiful weather and summer is almost here. Who knows? Lately I've been wearing shorts shorter than 5 inches and showing more skin and I love it. I used to associate short shorts with looking trashy or just plain on doing too much. But anything can be worn with class. :-) This particular pair of shorts are 3 inches which isn't so bad. As long as the butt cheeks are covered everything should be cool. I decided to mix and match some prints and patterns for my outfit and the key for me was to use prints in the same color family. The graphic tank has a dark red print on front and it added a little pop of color to the cream and black. The tank and aztec print cuffed shorts paired with the animal print wedge sandals and statement necklace gives the outfit a casual chic look. Not too dressy and not too casual. It's all about comfort for me even though wedges feel like pumps and stilettos in my opinion. Usually I'll just sit down all day or only walk short distances. Beauty is pain sometimes. I wore this last Sunday when we tried to go see the movie After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith but it was sold out. Next time.

How's your week so far? Do you wear shorter length shorts? What length is too short for you?

Outfit Details:
Converse Tank - Ross Cute
Cynthia Rowley Shorts - TJ Maxx Cute & Cute
Calvin Klein Wedges - Nordstrom Rack Exact
Necklace (Gifted) - Lydell NYC


  1. I know, cant belive it Wednesday already. The sunshine def helps and I've noticed a positive atmosphere here in the office. Love the print on the shorts and the wedges are majorly cool.




  2. I'm a big fan of short shorts and this printed pair is so cute!

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  3. Thanks Ivy. :-) This cali weather is crazy and the temp has dropped but hopefully it will pick up by the weekend.

  4. Thanks Sharon. I'm beginning to become a fan too, if only the weather would stay warm and not flip flop. :-)

  5. Dang girl, those shoes, those shorts. WOW!

  6. I love those printed shorts, they are so cute and fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I think that length looks great on you. They're a really fun print, and the length is still very modest. Your mix of prints has made for a really cool look and i LOVE that glam necklace!

  8. I like this length on me as well. When you hold them up in the store, it doesn't look like it will cover much but it actually does. :-) Thank you.

  9. They are! I think it's a tribal print. :-) Thanks!

  10. O M G! The necklace. The shoes. I am obsessed with your style!!!

  11. :-) Thank you. I'm glad you really like it.

  12. The length of those shorts looks about perfect for me. The wedges look fab but the outfit would have rocked with flats too - I'm all about the comfort factor (and warmth factor actually right now) Thanks for sharing with WW xo

  13. I agree with wearing it with flats. That's exactly what I did too after a couple hours. :-)

  14. love the shoes =) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog =)


  15. Yeah! I have a printed wrap dress by her as well. She has nice designs. :-)


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