Around The Way Girl


One of the hot color trends of Spring is black and white. This is the inspiration for this week's Style Me Friday challenge. I decided to pull out my inner New Yorker/Jersey girl and created an around the way look. The v-neck I ironed on some letters myself because I wanted a graphic like tee that I haven't worn yet. I was limited in what cool phrases I could come up with because I didn't have any Hs, Cs or Es and probably some other letters too and my final choice was Stylin is my drug. I love styling myself and Mel and anyone else who'll allow me to. Will you?

 My look says I'm ready for another weekend to go kick it with my girls. Ha! I mean kick it at home. I think this weekend is going to be busy though. My son is having his 8th grade dinner dance tonight and I hope we can get some good pictures. I'm excited but in awe at the same time about how fast children grow up. I thought about chaperoning but I didn't want to be THAT parent. :-) 
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

Outfit Details:
Blazer - Target
V-neck - Target and DIY Similar
Denim - Ross Similar
Belt - Old Navy
Sneakers - Adidas
Hat - Mel's Lids
Earrings - Target Similar
Bracelets and Necklace - DIY


  1. Ha! I never wanted to be *that* parent either. So I gave my kids cameras instead and let them take pictures... Ohmygoodness! The pictures were hilarious. They took pics of themselves and their friends dancing, being silly, and just enjoying themselves. I got to see and hear without actually being there.

  2. Funny! My son didn't want me to walk him to the door when I dropped him off. He ain't right but that's a teen for ya. :-)

  3. I know how you feel I still remember my son first day in this world. it feels like yesterday. I like this combo especially the shirt.

  4. Yeah! It just creeps up on you. Thank you!

  5. That blazer is fabulous! I love your edgy style. And holy crap! You have an 8th grader? You look so young!!


  6. Thanks Jessi. :-) Yeah thanks for the comp, I'm 35.

  7. cool 'fit


  8. You look great. I love your tee. I am a big fan of the black and white trend too. I hope your son's dinner dance went well.

    Jessica @

  9. Thank you. The black and white trend is a classic. It probably shouldn't be labeled as a trend. I was able to take some pics before he left. Hopefully I'll be able to post them.

  10. Great look dear!

  11. I love the shirt...perfect. Styling/Fashion is my drug too ;)



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