Sunday Funday: Hiking


Today was a beautiful warm day. A perfect day for hiking. The wife, her buddy and I all went hiking at Redwood Regional Park. Mel decided on a 5 mile trail. The drive up was nice and it was loads of sun. Once we arrived at the park, it was a whole nother ballgame. The trees completely blocked the sun! I mean it was like being on a different coast and it was cold! I'm exaggerating but I'm saying there wasn't a sliver of sun. Fortunately, I got dressed appropriately since I have been on a few different hiking trails previously. I dressed in layers; cami, t-shirt, hoody, scarf, puffer vest and old running shoes. You can always remove layers if it gets too hot. 

Stepping in the mud feels soooo freaking gross. EWWW!! After awhile I got used to it and just jumped and danced in it like a big ole kid. FUN!

I brought some necessities for hiking. A water bottle, some light snacks, chapstick, and my id in case someone finds my body on the side of the cliff. I almost never eat my snacks but better safe then sorry.

 I took plenty of pictures since I designated myself the hiking photographer. I even took pictures of mushrooms which totally creep me out, but it's a good way to conquer that fear.

The beginning of the hike was smooth. Just straight through and flat ground. Once the trail led uphill, I ran up of course, because I'm a dork. Then I got hot. Then my asthma kicked in. And I forgot my pump so I got REALLY hot. All of that and I don't really have asthma. SMH. This is was the end result.

After my heart stopped beating out of my chest and my heart rate slowed down just a tad, I manned up and continued to take lead. But then my pace slowed and Mel took the lead and left us behind, way behind.

Finally we catch up, after she waited for us, and the rest of the hike was fun. Here are some pics.

Look, the sun is back!
oh yeah!

Clearly we don't follow rules.

break time while waiting on buddy
Yay! I'm in the lead.

We made it back to civilization.
 Overall, the hike was nice. My toenails hurt a little and my thigh muscles became sore, but that's what makes it fun. Now, it's time to EAT!!!

Do you like hiking? What trails do you recommend?


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