DIY: Tie Dye Jeans


This week's DIY project is Tie Dye Jeans. I know tie dye articles of clothing are usually worn in summer months but who cares about the rules. Besides, I'm in Cali which mean there are usually more warm days than not. At least during the day. For those of you who may recall my acid wash jeans project, it may seem like it's similar to this project but I promise the results are different. I'm going to do this project again with colored dye using my white jeans to wear during the upcoming Spring months.
rubber bands
  • Soak the jeans in cold water and ring out.
  • Tie the rubber bands around the jeans in bunches until it is tied into a ball. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The areas with the bands is where the darker patches will be.
  • Mix 1 part bleach and 2 parts water in the bucket. With gloves, place the jeans into the bucket.
  • Let sit for a few hours or so and keep checking until desired results are achieved. I let mine sit for 3 hours. More time = more white/lighter patches.
  • Remove the jeans with the gloves and rinse in sink or tub with cold water.
  • Air dry. I let mine dry overnight.
  • Machine wash alone with soap and then machine dry.

What do you think about tie dye jeans? What color dyes should I use for my Spring pair?
Outfit Details:
thrifted jeans H&M | blazer H&M | shirt Target | thrifted men's boots

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  1. Love the jeans. Great way to update an old denim.


  2. The jeans look great and pink, yellow or mint for spring. ( But I am biased and partial to pink, yellow and mint)

  3. Thanks! I think mint would be a pretty color choice. :-)

  4. Wow, what a process. It looks very cute though, especially with the blazer.

  5. Thanks! The longest part is waiting until the jeans become the color you want.

  6. i like how they turned out! they are unique without being too much!

  7. Thank you! I was afraid of that too. If it turned out to be too much, I would have worn just once. :-)

  8. Oh very cool! I like how they look with the blazer!

  9. Ooooo....another fab DIY. I love the result. Big up Mo!!

  10. Oh wow this came out really good! Again this is something I could see in stores. I do not like acid too much but these look so cool. I like that you started w/such dark jeans and did not leave them in to long.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  11. Thanks Allie. Yeah, I got tired of waiting after the 3rd hour even though I was enjoying a few movies. :-)

  12. Mo, they look very good. You are so good at DIY fashion projects. Some people try and they "look" DIY. Yours comes out all professional looking. You're truly gifted!

  13. Thanks so much! Much appreciated.

  14. Very good job on this project! Love it with the blazer! :)

  15. Your jeans are great!! X

  16. You made these MO??!
    Duh because you are the DIY Queen!! These look AWESOME!
    I love, I love, I LOVE!!!

    You nailed it!!

  17. LOL. Thanks Shea! You always make me smile. :-)

  18. Hey Mo! Thanks so much for sharing this great post. We love it! Those pants are HOT! Hope to see you again soon.

    You can link older posts to Simply BeBetsy as well to build up your gallery. Thanks again and see ya soon. All the best ~ Sharon and Denise

  19. Thanks Sharon! I'll make sure I link up some more. :-)

  20. You did an amazing job! I have been wanting to try this with a pair of pants that I have! Now you have motivated me too go for it! You look amazing! You know I love your style!


  21. Thanks girl! Can't wait to see how you style your pants. :-)

  22. It's such a cute and creative way to update your jeans.


  23. I just realized how fun this would be to do to the lil' lady bean's jeans!


I really appreciate your comments!