flat lay {who is that girl Mo?}
I know I've been missing in action for about 3 weeks now and it totally sucks because I miss blogging AND I miss you guys.  I have lots going on in my world and I'm trying to get everything together and organized. I also just started a new job and you know how that can be in the beginning. My plan is to be back in action in a couple of weeks and in the meantime I'll be posting some flat lays of my outfit of the day on Instagram.

Until Then!!


  1. Good luck with your new job! I've been writing all my posts in the weekends now since I have much less time during the week. It's hard balancing everything and a blog!


  2. Cute look! We will be waiting. You have to be situated first in order to keep serving us. Good look on the new job!

  3. Not saying that you do, but don't feel guilty for taking a break so you can enjoy the last month of summer and get your life organized. I find it's so chaotic to try and maintain a blog schedule when so much is going on. My blog is a reflection of my life so I totally feel ya on getting your life organized so you can dedicate the time to blog (and all that comes along with it, photography, social media, etc) how you want to. I hope things at your new job are going well and in the meantime I'm following along on insta!

  4. Congrats on your new job.

    I definitely get how hard it can be to find time to blog sometimes. Many nonbloggers don't get the time it takes.

    I hope to have you back posting soon.

    Btw, love that jacket.

  5. Ooo...that cardi/jacket is fabulous!

  6. Love the pink converse!


  7. cute look Mo!!


  8. Obsessed with that sweatshirt!!!


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