DIY: Skater Skirt


You should know by now how obsessed I was with skater skirts. If you didn't you can read about it in this post. Since I didn't have a skater skirt I decided to make one on my own. I read some blog tutorials and watched a couple of youtube videos and took different pieces of info from what I learned and combined it. It was pretty easy to make. The most tedious part for me was sewing the hem of the skirt. It was so long all I kept thinking was "FML" and when I finally finished, of course I didn't like the skirt. I was extremely tired but I actually do like it and now that I have made my own I am no longer obsessed over the skater skirt trend. Yeah, I know it's only been a couple of weeks but that's me, I get over some things quickly. Here's my tutorial.

Supplies needed:
1 1/2 - 2 yards fabric
7 in or longer zipper
matching thread
chalk or marking pencil
measuring tape
sewing machine

1. Make sure fabric is at least 50 inches wide. The wider the better. My fabric was only 44 inches but I got lucky.
2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Make sure the raw edges are lined up and the fabric is smoothed out.
3. Fold it in half again. You should have a square shape or something close.

4. Take your waist measurement where you want the skirt to be. Skater skirts are usually around the belly button. Divide your measurement by 6.28. This is your waist radius.
5. Using the corner of the fabric where there are no raw edges only folds, measure your waist radius and make a mark. I used a plate to get a even round circle and connected the mark with the ends of the fabric.

6. Take the measuring tape and place it diagonally under the marked waist line and mark the desired length of the skirt .
7. Use a ruler or something round or you can just eyeball it and mark the bottom of the skirt. I used a skirt I already had. (This is when I realized I indeed had a skater skirt from a longer skirt that I  thrifted and cut shorter.)
8. Cut both marked lines. When you open the skirt you should have a full circle with a hole in the middle..
9. Fold the skirt in half where it looks almost moon shaped. Cut straight down the middle only on one side. You can also cut down on the fold on the side of the skirt.

10. Using the excess fabric, cut  a rectangle the length of your waist measurement for your waistband. Make sure one side is on the fold. Cut it as wide as you like. I think I cut mine about 2 inches wide.
11. Sew down the open edge of the waistband wrong sides facing each other. Iron the band flat.
12. Pull the waistband through so that you can see the right side of the fabric.
13. Pin the waistband down to the waist of the skirt right sides facing each other with the seam on the edge of the waist. Make sure the ends of the band are lined up with the open split of the skirt and the.
14. Sew around the waist about 5/8 in from the seam of the band.

15. place and pin the zipper down to the open edge of the skirt. Make sure the top of the zipper is even with the top of the skirt.
16. Sew a seam along the edges from the bottom of the skirt and stop where the zipper ends.
17. Using a zipper foot, sew each side of the zipper to the skirt.
18. Fold the bottom of the skirt about 1/2 inch twice to create the hem. Iron flat.
19. Sew a straight stitch around.
20. I ironed creases on my skirt to give it a pleated look. You can also sew pleats onto to the skirt.

Outfit Details:
Tee (old) - Forever 21
Cardigan (old) - H&M Men's
Skirt - DIY
Boots - Dillards
Necklace and bracelets - DIY


  1. I can't stress enough how creative you're Mo! "Big up!" I like the simplicity of the outfit, cute! "thumbs up!"

  2. Another great creation! It was worth all that work, because you look great in it. Love it with the graphic tee.

  3. Thanks so much Inge! :-)

  4. Thank you. After all of that simple was the way to go. :-)

  5. Love this skirt! Such an easy pattern with great results. You're so talented Mo!

  6. Thanks Christina! I sure do try.

  7. such a cute skirt! and you look great in it, thanks for sharing the tutorial with Vis Monday!

  8. I am SO not a DIY gal, but that skirt looks so cute and fun, especially for the summer. And when paired with that blouse and blazer -- nice!

  9. I love the fabric you chose to make it with! It really turned out good!

  10. I wasn't a diy girl until I started doing it myself. ;-) Thanks.

  11. Thanks and thank you for hosting visible Monday.

  12. Thank you. Honestly I chose the cutest fabric with the lowest price and only spent $3.50 on it. :-)

  13. So cute! Love that silhouette on you!

  14. You are very talented girl!! I love this DIY :)


  15. Wow, bravo to you dear. Looks really good and I can understand why you would have gone off it after all that time.



  16. Yeah it was a lot. :-) thank you.

  17. Wow you are a DIY pro! Love how the skirt came out and it looks awesome on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Such a fabulous DIY!! Way to go girl! Thank you for sharing!!

  19. I wouldn't call myself a pro just yet, but thanks!

  20. Thank you Adriana. :-)

  21. seriously, this is the cutest skirt ever...i'll take 3, please! i want to learn to sew (or try to teach myself), but i have yet to purchase a sewing machine! i need to do something about that...

  22. Thank you!! Once I build my skills and confidence up I can think about making pieces to sell. The only way to get started is to just do it. Go to and order one. :-)

  23. thanks, you're a genius :)


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