Current Obsession: Skater Skirts


I know I'm late and the skater skirt or circle skirt isn't that much of a new trend but I am currently obsessing over them. I want them like NOW. They come in many different prints and fabrics and my fav by far is the leather or faux leather skater skirt. I can wear this skirt with many different shoes such as black and white chucks, leopard print pumps, studded ankle boots, and even a pair of cut out pointy toe flats. The options are unlimited. I would have long bought myself one of these skirts but sometimes I can't justify spending anything over $5 on a trend that may be short-lived. Okay maybe $10 but that's it. I'm sure I can find one in that price frame but I honestly just want one for free. My obsession with this trend comes and goes but this time it's screaming for me to get one of my own and since I'm being cheap I'm going to have to make one myself. I'm excited already just thinking about the finished skirt. Now, actually getting started AND finishing the skirt before the summer is over is another story but I will have a skater skirt of my own.
Are you into the skater skirt trend? Which of these skirts do you like?



  1. That pink one is so cute!

  2. thanks! Plain and simple for you huh?

  3. Love a great skater skirt! That bottom row you chose is calling my name. Esp love the printed and perforated ones.


    The Marcy Stop

  4. I love a good skater skirt. i can see 4 of those that I wouldn't mind having.



  5. Yes! I was trying to include them all. Never can have too much. :-)

  6. Yeah. I think I want the denim one first. :-)

  7. Oh these skirts are my obsession as well. I love it and the patterns are super cute.


  8. Oh I sooooo want a flouncy black leather mini skirt!

    Ali of

  9. LOVE the yellow lace - so pretty!


    The Other Side of Gray


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