Melswear: Working Class


Menswear Thursday is here and this week's Melswear is centered around the working class look. I created an outfit based on Mel's dress code at work which is business casual. I like that this look is not too business or formal and can also be worn outside of work. This can be worn to happy hour with co-workers or a quick dinner with friends. It's a simple look but these oxfords makes it a bit trendy. Plus they're comfortable! I know they're men shoes but I did try them on in the store. So light and airy. :-)
How's work going for you today?


  1. Ooo I am loving this regular post. What a cute idea. Sometimes it is nice to kick back and dress more relaxed and less girlie.

    Ali of

  2. Thanks Ali! It's all menswear. Mel doesn't wear anything girly. :-)

  3. I love Melswear! Gives me good ideas on what to buy my bf. Funny thing is his name is Mel.

  4. Thank you! And that is cool. Tell Mel I said hello. :-)


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