Tuesday Special


I don't usually post on Tuesdays but today is a special day. My son attended his 8th grade dinner dance last Friday evening and I was able to take some pictures AND post them! Of course he chose which pics to post and beggars can't be choosy. :-) He said he had a good time and he took more pics with his friends. Like I mentioned in my post on Friday, children grow up so fast and my son is almost as tall as me. Now I just have to prepare for the HS wars.


  1. So handsome!!! This is so cute :)



  2. Your son is very handsome - he chose great photos! Nice of you to respect his wishes - my momma wouldn't care :-) And yes, he will be taller than you in a minute!

  3. Right! I only respect his wishes when it comes to pictures. Other than that, it's "Oh Well!" Thank you. :-)


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