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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Sunday and enjoyed Mother's Day. We went to the movies. Mel and I watched The Great Gatsby. My son watched Iron Man 3. He said to me, "Mom, I'm not interested in that movie. I said it was cool for you." Hey, I tried! Anywho, Carey, Leonardo, and Toby were awesome! (I'm pretending like I know them personally.) The movie was over 2 hours long and well, you just have to see it for yourself. In spirit of Mother's Day I decided to do create a mixed print look and went with stripes and florals. The floral ankle pants are from J Crew and the striped cardigan is from Forever 21. Both pieces were under 5 bucks from Goodwill. Score! The ankle booties are a DIY project that you can check out here. The statement necklace is from Lydell NYC and I won it in a giveaway from Anngelik over at Vogue and Heels. (Make sure you check out her blog. She puts together great outfits and she also loves florals). The necklace has 3 mint stones surrounded with crystal diamonds. It's a pretty serious piece of jewelry and I don't own many, which is why I wear the same 4 that I own, but I like it and am happy that I won something since I never ever win anything. At first, I thought the outfit was cute, then I didn't like it, then I felt like who cares, and then I like it again, a little. It's only clothes and I'm having fun putting new and different pieces together since I've began blogging.

Did you do anything for Mother's Day? Will you be checking out The Great Gatsby anytime soon?

Outfit Details:
J. Crew Pants - Thrifted Similar
Forever 21 Cardigan Vest - Thrifted
Nine West DIY Studded Booties Similiar
Statement Necklace - Lydell NYC
Watch, Earrings, Bracelets - Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Forever 21

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  1. Love these pants on you. The print is so fun. I've been wanting to see Great Gatsby. So did you love it!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Thanks Yi-chia! I wouldn't say that I "love" the movie as a whole, but there were parts that I loved. I honestly don't think it's a movie anyone will hate so check it out for yourself. :-)

  3. Loving the necklace and your pants. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day! Did you like The Great Gatsby? I saw it over the weekend too! I enjoyed it but the ending dragged a bit for me.

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  4. love the mix of stripes and floral! It's one of my favorite pattern mixes!
    I watched The Great Gatsby too! It was so good...so similar to the book...with the symbolism and themes and all! Plus, the fashion was gorgeous!
    I also happened to catch Iron Man 3 last weekend. haha...that too was incredibly fun!


  5. Thank you Nancy. The movie was good but a little slow in some areas, maybe towards the end. I loved the headpieces that they wore in the movie. Just lovely! I have not read the book but of course I have heard about it which is why I wanted to see the movie. :-) Iron-Man 3 was hilariously funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I seriously hope that wasn't the last one.

  6. Thanks! Yes, overall it was good, but there were a couple of parts that made me want to nod off. I'm glad you enjoyed it though. :-)

  7. Yes to the Great Gatsby! Hopefully soon and I loveee how you styled your necklace! It looks great on you :)



  8. Love the outfit!! And man I want to go see that movie!

  9. Lol at the American background. Must be the pickup truck. :-) Thanks!

  10. Thanks Sharon. You should definitely check it out.

  11. wow so cool!
    Emma xx

  12. WAW j'adore tes tatoo ! Et cette tenue est SUPERBE j'aime beaucoup le pantalon !



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